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  • Honduras El Galeron Thatched Cottage

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 550

    1.District : Marcala , La Paz 2.Altitude1,530 sun exposure treatment 3.Flavor : floral, strawberry, blackberry, honey, cocoa, papaya, red wine, apricot

  • Ninety Plus Baru Natural Geisha

    Price NT$ 1800 Special Offer NT$ 1600

    1. Ninety Plus artisen work 2. Flower , sweet aftertaste and mouthful berrylike tone

  • Panama El burro Natural #3

    Price NT$ 750 Special Offer NT$ 700

    1. New seasonal coffee beans from Panama~abundant flavor of complex berry 2. It had won BOP 3rd place in 2015

  • Panama Bouquete Altieri Coffee Light (225g)

    Price NT$ 650 Special Offer NT$ 600

    1.Grape and nuts, wine, fruitful tone with silky mouthful sense 2. Limited quantity.

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