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  • Toraja plus Medium Dark

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 550

    1. Located on high mountain, over 2000M 2. Flavor: vanilla, dark chocolate, sweet honey with lemon zest

  • 台灣日曬阿里山豆-淺中焙度(樂野)

    Price NT$ 2500 Special Offer NT$ 2200

    阿里山日曬豆有很特殊的莓果香氣, 類似紅莓果及紅漿果的調性, 有類似Elida日曬的調性, 很多豐富的水果層次, 還有一點點釋放的茶香, 都可以在這款日曬阿里山中品嚐到

  • Taiwan Ali Moutain Washed Coffee

    Price NT$ 1800 Special Offer NT$ 1500

    The Mt. Ali is very famous coffee estate in Taiwan. Flavor: High mountain tea, honey and some of fruitful taste like grape fruit, pineapple. Tender mouthful with clean cup. Especially foreigners like this coffee as their first choice when taking gift back home.

  • Taiwan Yunlin Gukang Sung Yue Estate 225g

    Price NT$ 2500 Special Offer NT$ 2200

    1. Aboudant Berry and fruitful tone with honey sweetness 2. High mountain tea in the end of aftertaste.

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