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(Taipei News)
One of the key core elements of the brand of Green Stone Coffee is the [  Practical Coffee Course Series]. Roasting, brewing are a must-have skills for every coffee shop, but after many students who took the international license, they recommended by their friends to Green Stone to learn practical intermediate courses. The following are the actual results of our students after learning from GS coffee courses. .
[2018-2019 Green Stone Coffee's students' records]:
2018/6 Toper Taiwan Roaster's master Competition {Best Flavor Award] - Lynn Chiu
2018/9 Taipei International Coffee Festival Brewing Competition Second Place-Blues Chen
2018/12 Taoyuan Coffee Festival Champion - Jason Lin  Second Place-Lynn Chiu    Third Place-Jimmy Gao
2018/12 International Roasters' Club Champion - Blues Chen  Best Flavor Award - Blues Chen   Good flavor award - Alex Pai
2019 /2 Taipei Food Show Shanglian Cup  Champion -Jason Lin   Third place-Chueh Yuche
2019 coffee review : A total of five students (Roasting courses students) were awarded, Hong Kong student Raymond 91 points, Taiwanese students Blues & Joseph won 3 CR92 points, Lynn, Jason and Raymond, Blues scored 4 93 points, Raymond scored 94 points .A total of nine CR awards beans evaluated scores this year.
Most of them are the first time to get in touch with the coffee course. Therefore, after the efficient study, they will enter the competition with the encouragement by GS instructors, and going ahead to their own branding road after rewarded.