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Hello, everyone:

Due to the needs of some foreign students,so we decide to open this course!

There are foreign friends staying in Taiwan for a short time, hoping to learn how to roast beans quickly, so roaster Kelly Wang finally decided to set up a one-on-one or three-person course to make difference from the beginning level roasting class!

Course content

1. Theoretical instruction (introduction of senses and green beans)

2. Roasted beans articles (understand the operation of the machine and safety / roasting beans process analysis)

3. Practical skills application 

4. With beans categories  (African wash / Kenya wash / Brazil N./ Guatemala / geisha / others)

Beans will be replaced with the seasonal growth, but will adopt better quality level

5. Duration: Three days (15 hours) Monday to Thursday

Course Tuition:

NT $ 45,000 for one-on-one

NT $ 40,000 for one-on-two

NT$ 35,000 for one-on-three

Please register through email or private message on FB or Line.

email: glorycarton@gmail.com  (Kelly's email)

Tell us the date and time you would like to take part in and , and after finishing remittance, you can complete the registration process, thank you

We 've taught one student from USA, he opened a cafe in Vietnam, and one student from China, he opened a coffee shop in Sichuan.

One student from Hongkong, he would like to know how to roast coffee beans to earn Coffee Review scores, now he earned scores 91, 93,93,94,94 thro 2019. (Plat coffee in HK.)

Another students group come from one roasting company whose boss wanted to train their roasting skills.  Now they sell coffee beans to USA.

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