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  • Kenya Kiriani washed AB top -Medium Light 0.5P

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 580

    1. AB top, including SL28, SL34 2. Flavor: Black Berry, Vanilla, almond, quite rounded mouthful.

  • Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Lemon Flower washed G1

    Price NT$ 500 Special Offer NT$ 450

    Kelly's cupping, flavor are lemon, flower, aftertaste is tender with sweetness of orange and lemon. Balanced with mouthful syrup.

  • 2018 coffee review 95: Natural Gotiti

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 580

    Richly floral- and berry-toned, impeccably balanced. Violet, blackberry, honey, clove, salted chocolate in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart structure with rounded, lively acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. The finish leads with notes of violet and blackberry in the short, modulating to salted chocolate in the long.

  • 『CR95』Yirgacheffe washed Gotiti Medium-Light ( 225g )

    Price NT$ 550

    1. 2019 new season comes!Flavors: floral, orange, honey and jasmine very complex body and clean aftertaste
    2. We earned 2017 CR 95 and Top 23 (Sending Gotiti washed to USA review)

  • Colombia La Maria Farm Castillo Natural

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    Colombia La Maria Farm Castillo
    Origin: Cundinamarca
    Natural Process Flavor: special winery, fruitful vinegar, berry

  • Finca San Jose Estate Columbia Coffee

    Price NT$ 1,200 Special Offer NT$ 1,000

    Category: Castillo Naranjal , very unique process, famous for its wine smelling.
    Flavor: Whisky, Cherry, Chocolate

  • 『Carnet Mozart』Costa Rica Coffee Beans light roast 0.5P

    Price NT$ 650 Special Offer NT$ 600

    Villa Sarchi Natural: From the Oriental Valley of Columbia, this special Villa Sarchi is exposed to the sun in a greenhouse. The heat is extremely high. The sun beans have an explosive tropical fruit and berry flavor, but at the same time they are extremely refreshing.

  • Guatemala Huehutenango Finca La Bolsa Ventanas

    Price NT$ 500 Special Offer NT$ 480

    Dry scent can feel the aroma of citrus, orange, hazelnut and toffee.
    Taste is bright, lime, grapefruit, orange juicy. Aftertaste is accompanied by the aroma of hazelnut and toffee, the flavor is clean, and the palate is smooth and juicy.

  • Brazil Pulped Natural 0.5 P

    Price NT$ 500 Special Offer NT$ 450

    Flavor: Nut, Caramel, Orange. Very suitable for pouring with milk in the morning.

  • Deeply Sweet Indonesia Blue Batak Sumatra medium-dark 0.5P

    Price NT$ 550 Special Offer NT$ 500

    Blue Batak Sumatra, had been planted on 1500-1700M high mountain in Sumatra. Flavor: Light cinnamon spice, herb pine mushroom flavor, mellow tail to sweet, walnut and high concentration chocolate sweetness

  • Special Blend of Green Stone Coffee

    Price NT$ 500

    We use Blue Lake and Brazil beans to make it blended. Flavor: Nuts, Butter, Orange and sweet mouthful taste.