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GS L1 Sensory Class

1. The design of L1 sensory class is based on the two themes of smell and taste
2. Introduce the use and practice of flavor wheel + practice of taste water (L1 basics)
3. Triangular cup test exercises and cup test method analysis (analysis of roasting degree and judgment of defects)
4. Duration (4 hours in total, 2 weekly course)

Price NT$ 6,000 Special Offer NT$ 5,500

"L1 Sensory Certificate Course" is opened to those who are interested in

learning the basic sensory knowledge of coffee (4 hours)

Suitable for students with no experience or none-foundation! 

If you have finished this course, then you can take L2 sensory course!

If you are interested, please call 02-87717570 Green Stone Coffee to register,

after confirming the class date and time, then finish your paymet!

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