Guatemala La minita medium 225g3
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Guatemala La minita medium 225g

Flower god has a very pleasant and elegant floral main flavor,
The acidity is soft and it is finished with a chocolate-like flavor. The overall taste is clean and bright.

Price NT$ 450 Special Offer NT$ 400

Country: Guatemala
Producing area: Antigua Gua
Grade: SHB
Altitude: 1200-1600 meters
Varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Borbon
Treatment method: water washing

This is Guatemala’s signature coffee.

It is produced in a manor called Pastores in the center of Antigua.
It is the largest coffee farm in the local area. In the batch packaging of coffee,
The Flora coffee, which is ready to be shipped and shipped, is definitely the best choice.

The quality control team from Costa Rica, come to Guatemala not far away to supervise the whole coffee preparation process.
Just to ensure that Pastores Manor offers the best coffee.
The Antiqua production area itself is the most famous production area among the seven major production areas in Guatemala.

High altitude, unique volcanic soil, shade planting, So that the coffee beans in the Antiqua region have a unique regional flavor.





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