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GS selection-io olive oil 250 ml (Lemon)

The refreshing aroma of lemon is perfectly combined with the fresh and fruity Abequina olive variety. The natural aroma soothes physical and mental fatigue, promotes digestion, relieves heartburn, and adds to the enjoyment of olive oil.

Price NT$ 460 Special Offer NT$ 450


From Spanish flavor

VIANÓLEO It comes from Extremadura in western Spain, bordering Portugal. The local area has abundant water sources and sufficient sunshine, and the special Mediterranean climate is the most ideal natural environment for growing olives and breeding crops.

Olive Oil  Processing

Insist on hand-picked instant harvesting, quickly complete harvesting and pressing in 3 hours, and store at a constant temperature of 18-20 degrees after bottling. The whole process is controlled at 15-21 degrees low temperature, and we look forward to letting consumers enjoy the original taste without any difference, and satisfying every discerning taste buds who pay attention to health.


The family, here, has inherited the mission of three generations to care for olive trees and other crops for more than two hundred years, and currently manages more than 320 hectares of olive groves. Uphold the love of growing land, commit to sustainable farming, develop advanced irrigation technology, so that every drop of olive oil is guaranteed of high quality.

Insistance of Creation

The pursuit of innovation is the driving force behind VIANÓLEO, focusing on development, maintaining close industry-academic cooperation with universities and educational institutions, and obtaining many patents in the world. While striving to develop unique products, we also did not forget the original intention of caring for the land, so that tradition and innovation were balanced, and the star product "iO series" was born.


Cold / stir-fried vegetables, stewed rice, roasted potatoes, toast

No pigment
No preservatives
Vegetarian food


  • 2017年,FLOS OLEI Oilve Oil Review Award
  • 2012, 2015~2017,Japanese Olive Japan Silver Award
  • 2013年,Tokyo Olive Japan Golden Award
  • 2010, 2016~2017,Great Taste Awards First Star
  • 2006年,Spanish Award,Pack Food Packaging Bronze