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Rose Brewing Cup-Pink

Taiwan's self-developed new filter cup uses filter cup ribs derived from the petal structure, which can produce a fast and slow extraction effect. The layered variable speed can increase the sweetness of the extraction and reduce the tail extraction. The petal-shaped ribs are also increased. The fit of the filter paper is suitable for most of the V-type 01 (1~2 servings) filter papers on the market. The product contains wooden support and silicone rubber ring.

Price NT$ 1,780 Special Offer NT$ 1,680

Name: H.U.A. Rose Filter Cup
Color: pink
Material: all porcelain
Place of production: Taiwan
Suitable for filter paper: V type 1-2 servings
Weight: 455g
Size: 14 CM 12.5 CM 11 CM
Maintenance method: Do not use the dishwasher, just wash it by hand
This product contains wooden support and silicone bumper

H.U.A.-Rose Dripper V01 is a smart manufacturing

After two years of research and development

Design a rose-shaped coffee filter cup

Taken from the Chinese "花" pronunciation "HUA"

H-Harmony harmony

U-Unforgetable Unforgettable/Unique

A-Aroma aroma/Aftertaste

The H.U.A. rose filter cup contains three parts ---the ceramic filter cup body, the silicone calyx bumper, and the solid wood cup holder.
The ceramic filter cup is completely manufactured in Yingge, Taiwan. After a year of continuous improvement and brewing tests, the decision is finally finalized!
Considering the change of flow rate with the concept of overlapping rose petals, the edge of the petals is used to highlight the shape, which is designed to facilitate the diversion of the flow rate, and the flow rate is increased with the concept of the stamen at the end, which can easily extract the aroma of the front stage during coffee brewing In addition to the taste, the thickness of the coffee is increased due to the variable speed of the overlapping petals in the middle and the back, and there is a better experience in extracting coffee substances.
The experience of floral aroma, fruit acidity and sweetness, solidity, complete balance and long rhyme in specialty coffee is the ultimate pursuit of many coffee lovers and our goal.