One on One Roasting Course3
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One on One Roasting Course

3 Day very hands on courses, for foreigners who would like to learn roasting coffee course in Taiwan for short days, we open this professional course for special needs.

Price NT$ 48,000 Special Offer NT$ 45,000

3 -Day Roasting courses :(15 hours) one on one practical training roasting courses

Instructor:Kelly Wang

Courses Guideline


Basic roasting theory:(From seeds to cup intro)

Basic sensory skills:(Cupping intro)

Roasting machine intro.
Functions of machine...

Roasting workshop:African Bean washed
/how to roast to medium light.
(Kelly Wang demo, and then student practices)

Roasting workshop: African Bean natural / how to roast to medium light.(Kelly Wang demo, and then student practices)

Cupping and discuss.

Day 2

Review Day1.

Today we focus on special variety and processing beans.

Cupping and discuss cups.


Today we focus on popular variety and processing beans.
How to roast Brazil to medim~sweetness and nutty flavor, mouthful of creamy body

How to roast Indonesia bean to medium dark?

Cupping and discuss.

Last day, student shall roast a batch as final exam. Instructor will give student a bean which has never been practiced during these days.
Then after finish and pass the exam, student can get one on one roasting course certification by Green Stone Coffee.

Tuition fee: NT$45,000/person (includes greenbeans, materials)...