GS selected olive oil spray way 200ml (garlic)3
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GS selected olive oil spray way 200ml (garlic)

The spray type is light and convenient design, easy to control the amount of use. The garlic base adds to the flavor of cooking, which is convenient to take when you go out and take it fresh with you.
Cooking recommendations

Price NT$ 400 Special Offer NT$ 350


Tradition. Innovation. Inclusive

VIANÓLEO comes from Extremadura in western Spain, bordering Portugal. The local area has abundant water sources and sufficient sunshine, and the special Mediterranean climate is the most ideal natural environment for growing olives and bring crops.

The LÓPEZ MEDIERO family has inherited three generations of missions here, caring for olive trees and other crops for more than two hundred years, and currently manages more than 320 hectares of olive groves. Uphold the love of growing land, commit to sustainable farming, develop advanced irrigation technology, and ensure that every drop of olive oil is of high quality.

IO series

The iO series is a classic representative of VIANÓLEO. iO extra virgin olive oil, selected two high-quality varieties: the local highly respected rare native variety Manzania. Manzanilla Cacerña and Arbequina, which have a warm taste, are blended in a golden ratio, and the unique aroma is endless.

Fashion, classic and simple colors, with a streamlined round bottle, create a double feast of taste and vision. Intimate portable light and small packaging design, easy to use and carry, in line with the needs of modern people eating out and small families.


Air fryer, frying, oven cooking, salad, bread

Less oil/no residual oil
No pigment
No preservatives
Lacto egg vegetarian edible
Wuxinsu is not edible