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Smoke Remover machine

The price includes the installation fee, but consumables such as smoke pipes, water pipes, etc., need to be quoted separately according to the site size, and the freight is not included in this quotation! Please do not place an order online, this quotation is for reference only for the installation price of the machine, please estimate it on site for the official quotation

Price NT$ 55,000 Special Offer NT$ 50,000

This year, we installed three parallel water smoke remover for the five kilogram bean roaster, and adjusted the winding of the flue pipe in response to the bean roaster on site.

The drain pipe was also installed on site, and the test was normal! Lightweight and easy to organize, the patented water mist eliminator, multi-channel smoke removal, the smell can be almost removed! If you want to make an appointment to see the machine operation, please contact us 02-87717570