Peru Cajarmarca COE#30 Natural medium light 200g3
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Peru Cajarmarca COE#30 Natural medium light 200g

Peru's bidding beans are of a very high standard in the country. The coffees that have been selected more than five times and have a score of more than 85 points are also Bourbon varieties. Flavor: apple & tropical sweet fruit, brown sugar aftertaste, overall sweet juicy, good cleanliness.

Price NT$ 650 Special Offer NT$ 600

Cajamarca is a region in northern Peru. The area, once home to the Incas, was completely overrun by the mighty surrounded by Andes Mountains. These heights provide an excellent "breeding ground" for coffee trees. "Cajamarca flavor" is self-evident coffee.

We often find deep sweet, thick body and caramel & cocoa flavours in the coffee berries in this place.

In addition to more traditional caramel and cocoa flavors, you'll also find berries, apples, and plums. Cajamarca's unique micro weather. And this batch belongs to the batch we found in this area with a more special flavor!