Kenya Karani washed medium light 225g3
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Kenya Karani washed medium light 225g

Karani Factory Kirinyaga AA TOP (light medium) is a high-quality bean selected in our cupping, soft Kenyan sweet and sour, delicate and luscious aftertasteFlavor: Roselle, Honey, Brown Sugar Water, Honey Pear Juice, this is a floral series that cannot be missed. Delicious Kenya!

Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

The Karani Factory, also located in a fertile land, is affiliated to the Kabare Farmer Co-operative Society, with tens of thousands of small farmers cooperating with it. Coupled with the superior geographical and terroir conditions, the Karani Processing Factory has the fruit quality requirements. Even under the threat of climate variability and political and economic instability, it can remain high.


The treatment plant encourages (subsidizes) its small farmers to grow cash crops other than coffee, such as potatoes, bananas, avocados and other crops. In addition to increasing farmers’ income sources, it can also increase the ecological richness of their regions, thereby allowing coffee plants grown together. Can have more different flavor orientations. If you are looking for beans that fully express the characteristics of the Kirinyaga production area, the products produced by the Karani processing plant are definitely on the list.

■ Country Kenya
■ Production area Kirinyaga
■ Altitude 1900 meters
■ Variety SL28& SL34
■ Treatment method: 72 hours washing, drying on raised African trellis