Four L1 courses combo (Syphon+Cupping+Roasting+Brewing)3
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Four L1 courses combo (Syphon+Cupping+Roasting+Brewing)

All you can learn from 4 L1 courses, please contact us before you pay on line. In order to arrange the learning segments and your time before paying. Contact us at 02-87717570, or message us from FB: Green Stone Coffee.

Price NT$ 10,100 Special Offer NT$ 8,800

GS Experience Class-Introduction to pour-over coffee

Introductory course:

1. Basic steaming technique 2. Understanding of water column control and variable factors 3. Practice hand injection posture 4. The principle of powder-water fusion and diffusion


GS Experience Class - Coffee Roasting Interest Camp

1. Eligibility:

Those who are interested in learning about roasting beans 2. Lead students to roast a pot of beans 3. Understand the operation of the roasting machine

4. You can bring back about one pound of beans

After the online order is placed and the payment is completed, please call and make an appointment with a special person (02-87717570)


GS Experience Class - Introductory Cupping Course

1. A 2-hour introductory cupping class for first-time coffee drinkers 2. An introduction to the flavor wheel and groups of coffee 3. Cupping method

4. How to use the cupping tool

5. Guide the cupping of coffee beans from different producing areas


GS Experience Class-Introduction to Syphon Coffee

Introductory course:

1. Basic stirring techniques 2. Analysis of powder water control changes 3. Practice observation of boiling water 4. Control the use of firepower, this class is suitable for friends with zero basic knowledge