SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee course (with certification )3
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SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee course (with certification )

SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee is the most basic introduction to beginners and introduction to coffee concepts among all SCA certificates. It includes the starting learning points of all individual credits. It is very suitable for beginners to take classes. In the system of Greenstone Coffee, the SCA CSP is introduced. The license class is combined with the L1 series of Greenstone's actual combat!

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SCA CSP All aspected Introdction to Coffee Certification Course

Date: 4 days (can be one day a week or 4 consecutive days)

Each time: 3 hours

Quiz: Online Written Test, passed to get an SCA CSP Coffee Certificate Introduction to Coffee

Session1: Green Beans

(1) Introduce the varieties and processing methods of green beans

(2) The current crisis and turning point in the production area

(3) Differences between direct trade in origin and domestic procurement

(4) Selection and grade of green beans

Pairing and drinking different types of coffee with different processing methods

Session2: Cupping sensory skills

(1) Introduce the purpose of cupping

(2) The use of flavor wheel tools and dictionaries

(3) The basis of taste and smell

(4) Application of aroma bottle and description paradigm

With the implementation of L2 Cupping

Session3: Extraction

(1) Introduce the golden cup theory of extraction

(2) Use and application of extraction tools

(3) The importance of grinding scale

(4) Applications such as water temperature coefficient

With practical L3 hand punch course

Session4: Roasting Coffee

(1) Introduction to the theory of roasting

(2) Introduction of roasting machine, application and source of heat energy

(3) The leading and development of sampe roasting

(4) CM100 is used to measure agtron of coffee

With the implementation of L2 Roasting