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  • 『Charity to Growth』 Kenya Washed AA -Medium 0.5P

    Price NT$ 700 Special Offer NT$ 650

    Roselle floral fragrance, delicate ebony plum, hawthorn, brown sugar, citrus orange sour, body smooth as honey, delicate and clean aftertaste, sweet. We donate 20% sales of this Kenya to Growth Associate: http://www.growth.org.tw

  • Coffee Review93 Flower Queen Blend medium light 225g

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    2020 CR 93, Flavor with flower, citrus, and balanced with syrup mouthful.

  • Ethiopia Limu Geisha anaerobic washed ( Medium Light ) 225g

    Price NT$ 700 Special Offer NT$ 650

    Flavors include kumquat and red orange, rose and honey and juicy cherries

  • Ethiopia Natural Limu Washed Gesha

    Price NT$ 750 Special Offer NT$ 700

    Kelly's Selection of African Gesha, origin is Limu, full of Mango, berrylike juicy and balance clean cup

  • African TOH#3 Limu washed light roast 0.5P

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 550

    Flavor description: Sweet apple, black cherry and rich kumquat, perfume lemon, berry and other acidic fruity aromas are cleverly combined. The end rhyme can also taste the mellow cocoa and delicate floral fragrance. The overall taste is rich and sweet but not greasy, clean and smooth. Lasting rhyme!


    Price NT$ 1,350 Special Offer NT$ 1,150

    Country: Colombia, 1800M Flavor description:The elegant scents of cantaloupe and western pear are followed by the rich and fruity scents of stacked golden pineapple, peach, apple and tropical fruits.

  • Chopin Honey Process 225g Medium Light

    Price NT$ 900 Special Offer NT$ 850

    Canet is located in the highest elevation area where Tarrazu coffee is grown in Costa Rica.
    Cardura is a single-gene variant of Bourbon. It was discovered in Brazil in 1937. Flavor: Honey, Rose, Grapes

  • Guatemala New Oriental Natural medium 225g

    Price NT$ 480 Special Offer NT$ 420

    Product type: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai Treatment method: Washing
    Flavor description: clean, nutty, honey-sweet, medium thickness, sweet back, cocoa, creamy smooth.

  • Brazil Natural 225g medium

    Price NT$ 450 Special Offer NT$ 400

    Flavor: Nuts, orange, balanced flavor with cleanliness

  • Columbia washed process coffee (NO.14) Medium Roast 225g

    Price NT$ 350 Special Offer NT$ 280

    Flavor: Nuts and Black Tea, body and aftertaste are well done with chocolate.

  • Tiger King Sumatra medium-dark 0.5P

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    Flavor: strong cedar, herbs, blackcurrant, blackberry, ebony and other fruity aromas, with chocolate and long sweet ending.It is a good Indonesian bean. Those who like medium-deep roasting can choose this one!