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  • Colombia La Gaitinia washed (Medium) 225g

    Price NT$ 450 Special Offer NT$ 400

    Production area: Tolima, Tolima, Colombia
    Altitude: 1700 meters
    Variety: Caturra, Colombia
    Treatment method: water washing treatment
    Flavor description: red grapefruit, red pomegranate, apricot, cantaloupe

  • La Esmeralda Diamond MountainWiney Natural ( Medium Light ) 225g

    Price NT$ 650 Special Offer NT$ 600

    Flavor description: red plum, milk chocolate, orange, red cherry, good sweetness

  • Gotiti Washed (medium light) -225g

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 550

    Proper Priced and good flavor: Flower, Orange,Lime, and Black tea with honey.

  • Natural G1 Martilane 0.5 P-medium light

    Price NT$ 480 Special Offer NT$ 430

    Richly floral- and orange-toned, impeccably balanced. Sweet-tart structure with rounded, lively acidity; silky mouthfeel. The finish leads with notes of fruit tea in the short, with vivid acidity and sweetness in the long.

  • Guji Natural 2020 Purple Dasaya- ( Medium Light ) 225g

    Price NT$ 540 Special Offer NT$ 490

    The dry aroma is tangy grape, blueberry, peach, mango, bergamot and violet aroma. When you sip it, it has rich fruity flavors such as Kyoho grape juice, blueberry jam, strawberry, peach, mango, etc. The middle section reveals the fragrance of bergamot and violet, sweet and juicy, rich in layers, and beautiful .

  • Cheery Flower washed light roast 0.5P

    Price NT$ 450 Special Offer NT$ 400

    Flavor description:Floral, orange,honey, this bean made for special price at 390 for celebrating Green Stone's 5th birthday.!

  • Coffee Review93 Flower Queen Blend medium light 225g

    Price NT$ 480 Special Offer NT$ 450

    2020 CR 93, Flavor with flower, citrus, and balanced with syrup mouthful.

  • Rwanda Natural Coffee 100 h Intango 225g

    Price NT$ 460 Special Offer NT$ 400

    Producing area: Luanda Southern Province Yalu Guru
    Treatment plant: Fuji treatment plant Processing method: 100 hours in the sun, fermentation in a special pottery urn-natural anaerobic Altitude: 1800m Harvesting method: hand-picked Variety: Red Bourbon

  • Ethiopia Natural Limu Washed Gesha

    Price NT$ 750 Special Offer NT$ 600

    Kelly's Selection of African Gesha, origin is Limu, full of Mango, berrylike juicy and balance clean cup

  • Jamaica Blue Mt. medium 115g

    Price NT$ 1,100 Special Offer NT$ 1,000

    The Blue Mountains are located in the eastern part of Jamaica. The mountain is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Whenever the weather is clear, the sun shines directly on the blue sea and the peaks reflect the bright blue light of the sea, hence the name .Flavor: Nuts, Black Tea, Honey

  • Tiger King Sumatra medium-dark 0.5P

    Price NT$ 480 Special Offer NT$ 430

    Flavor: strong cedar, herbs, blackcurrant, blackberry, ebony and other fruity aromas, with chocolate and long sweet ending.It is a good Indonesian bean. Those who like medium-deep roasting can choose this one!

  • Columbia washed process coffee (NO.14) Medium Roast 225g

    Price NT$ 350 Special Offer NT$ 250

    Flavor: Nuts and Black Tea, body and aftertaste are well done with chocolate.

  • Brazil Natural 225g medium

    Price NT$ 400 Special Offer NT$ 350

    Flavor: Nuts, orange, balanced flavor with cleanliness