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  • 『CR95』Yirgacheffe washed Gotiti Medium-Light ( 225g )

    Price NT$ 550

    1. 2019 new season comes!Flavors: floral, orange, honey and jasmine very complex body and clean aftertaste
    2. We earned 2017 CR 95 and Top 23 (Sending Gotiti washed to USA review)

  • Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Kochere Beloya G1

    Price NT$ 550 Special Offer NT$ 500

    Flavor: Floral, Black Tean with Lime, orange, honey sweetness, very smooth mouthful.

  • Kenya Kiambu washed PB top -Medium Light 0.5P

    Price NT$ 550 Special Offer NT$ 500

    1. PB top, including SL28, SL34 2. Flavor: Roselle, Orange, Plumeria, Mulberry, quite rounded mouthful.

  • Guji Hambela KURUME Natural G1

    Price NT$ 680 Special Offer NT$ 580

    The new Ethiopia variety we picked this season. Variety: KURUME Elevation: 2000-2350 Cup feel: The mouthful feeling is as smooth as honey. Flavor: Floral, tropical fruits, berries, citrus, juice

  • Ethiopia Lion King Sidamo Natural 225g

    Price NT$ 600 Special Offer NT$ 550

    Strong fruit tones, rich and rich fruit flavors such as cantaloupe, strawberry, peach, ripe berry, silky smooth texture, clean and balanced taste, lively and dynamic sweet and rich.