Specialty Coffee 225g
Central Southern America 4
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  • Honduras La Isabela washed 225g Medium Light

    Price NT$ 540 Special Offer NT$ 490

    Country: Hondura, Production area: Chinacla, La Paz Variety: Catuai
    Production season: 2019 Flavor description: floral citrus, brown sugar, nuts, black plums, delicate and smooth and rich

  • Flor De Cafe Brazil Natural 225g medium

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    Flor de cafe is located in Nepomuceno at the junction of South Minas and 7 mountain peaks. It has an average altitude of more than 1000 meters. Manor varieties with an average altitude of more than 1000 meters Size: 17/18 Altitude: 1100m SCAA score: 84 Flavor: Cane sugar, nuts, citrus ~ finish with strong brown sugar aroma, high cleanliness

  • 『New arrival』Colombia Pink Bourbon Honey Process (Medium light) 225g

    Price NT$ 520 Special Offer NT$ 470

    Columbia's new honey processed beans in the Vera District. When we cupped this pink bourbon, we were fascinated by her fragrance, with floral, citrus, sweet plum sweetness, brown molasses, etc., and it also has the thick and good quality of Colombia. Acidity performance, I hope you will love the choice

  • Brazil Pulped Natural 0.5 P

    Price NT$ 500 Special Offer NT$ 450

    Flavor: Nut, Caramel, Orange. Very suitable for pouring with milk in the morning.