Espresso-Specialty Coffee Beans3
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  • Guatemala New Oriental medium 225g

    Price NT$ 450 Special Offer NT$ 400

    Flower god has a very pleasant and elegant floral main flavor,
    The acidity is soft and it is finished with a chocolate-like flavor. The overall taste is clean and bright.

  • Tiger King Sumatra medium-dark 0.5P

    Price NT$ 480 Special Offer NT$ 430

    Flavor: strong cedar, herbs, blackcurrant, blackberry, ebony and other fruity aromas, with chocolate and long sweet ending.It is a good Indonesian bean. Those who like medium-deep roasting can choose this one!

  • Columbia washed process coffee (NO.14) Medium Roast 225g

    Price NT$ 400 Special Offer NT$ 350

    Flavor: Nuts and Black Tea, body and aftertaste are well done with chocolate.