GS Espresso Machine & Grinder3
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  • Fresh Slow Grinder (3rd Version)+100g Coffee Bean

    Price NT$ 3,950 Special Offer NT$ 3,750

    1. Slowly grinder coffee can keep more flavor 2. Powder looks evenly 3. Net weight is very light. Portable and easily to charge in car! 4. It can be washed easily.
    5. Guarantee for one year

  • Dalla Corte Studio

    Price NT$ 140,000 Special Offer NT$ 138,000

    Specifications: length 32 x width 39 x height 40 cm, total weight up to 27.5 kg, power is 1970w, 220V power supply; multi-boiler technology with precise temperature control to 0.1 degree and stable extraction environment has become Dalla Corte World Coffee Latte Competition (WLAC) Designated brand