Light Roast Coffee3
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  • Kenya Karani washed medium light 225g

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    Karani Factory Kirinyaga AA TOP (light medium) is a high-quality bean selected in our cupping, soft Kenyan sweet and sour, delicate and luscious aftertasteFlavor: Roselle, Honey, Brown Sugar Water, Honey Pear Juice, this is a floral series that cannot be missed. Delicious Kenya!

  • 『競標豆25名-秘魯新品』皮烏拉 何塞小農 水洗 鐵比卡 NW#25(淺中焙) 200g

    Price NT$ 750 Special Offer NT$ 700

    秘魯境內多種地形, 除了熟知的南美印加文明, 還有多微型氣候讓此區的小農咖啡世界知名, 我們在選品上除了找尋乾淨平衡的好咖啡外, 支持小農也是我們的選豆準則之一喔!風味:柑橘、烤核果、紅糖、蜂蜜滑順、酸甜感平衡!

  • Peru Cajarmarca COE#30 Natural medium light 200g

    Price NT$ 650 Special Offer NT$ 600

    Peru's bidding beans are of a very high standard in the country. The coffees that have been selected more than five times and have a score of more than 85 points are also Bourbon varieties. Flavor: apple & tropical sweet fruit, brown sugar aftertaste, overall sweet juicy, good cleanliness.

  • Guatemala Geisha Natural 225g Medium Light

    Price NT$ 1,680 Special Offer NT$ 1,580

    Attractive and Charming flavors: Tropical fruits, strawberry, Plum, Pineapple and floral.