Blend and Espresso3
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  • Golden Blend-medium dark 225g

    Price NT$ 530 Special Offer NT$ 480

    For this Blend, we use Indonesian, Brazilian and Colombian beans, which are roasted separately and then blended in individual proportions to make this recipe. The main note is the soft and sweet Brazilian sun-dried beans, supplemented by the aroma of Colombia, with a little softness Sour to liven up the overall trend, and the end part uses Indonesian dark roast as a chocolate rhythm, a harmonious balance of sweet coffee Blend, which has become our long-selling gold bean!

  • 95分 Kenya Espresso J36 washed 225g

    Price NT$ 900 Special Offer NT$ 800

    A single-origin Kenya espresso that has a trifecta of balanced fruit, chocolate, and spice-toned floral notes. Equally complex in the straight shot and in three parts milk.